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GoMyWay is a location based app that allows users to share taxis in a secure, and private way. There are many benefits in using GoMyWay. You can now split the cost of a taxi as well as help the environment by sharing resources. This is very useful with the rising costs of taxis, for long journeys or when there are extra taxi charges involved such as airport surcharge, ERP charges and peak hour/midnight surcharges. Also you may be able to save time during peak periods when taxis are scarce. You never know, the other user might be near the front of the taxi queue or has already managed to book a taxi!

Users can simply browse a list of other users looking to catch a taxi. To share a taxi, all you need to do is input your DESTINATION POINT, and the app will quickly generate a list of users within your vicinity. This list will automatically rank users according to destination, meaning users who are going to the closest destination point to YOUR intended destination, will show up first. This allows for maximum savings and minimum travel times.

You can now contact each other for free, and upon two parties agreeing to share a taxi, each user will pay a token ($0.19-$0.30 US cents depending on how many tokens you top up), and arrange a meeting point through the in-app chat interface or call each other if both parties are willing to disclose their mobile number to each other. Other features of this app include being able to filter users according to gender, and the ability to plan future shared trips in advance. Soon we will launch internationally, so you can choose to share taxis with other GoMyWay users overseas too!

Privacy and safety is a big concern for us. Firstly, your identity and mobile number details remain anonymous at all times, upon you and another user paying a token each and agreeing to share, you will get each other's mobile details. However, you can also choose to hide your mobile, in which case you can do all your communication with the other user via the in-app chat interface. We never share your personal information publicly. For female users especially, we have an added feature where you may filter your search according to gender. Other features such as a basic but effective “thumbs up/thumbs down” rating system, can give you an insight into the other user. Obviously avoid users who have too many “thumbs-downs!”

Once you have found your ideal taxi companion, you can enjoy paying less for your taxi trips!

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  • Real time location update.
  • Plan your trips in advance.
  • Privacy settings.
  • Chat.


  • iOS version 5.0 +
  • iPhone / iPod touch

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